Custom Metal Designs and Features

Copper makes a stunningly beautiful roofing finish, from shiny new to aged bluish patina. It has all of the advantages of other metal roofing and being a softer metal, minimizes any noise from rain or hail. As one of the most costly materials, copper is often used only in feature components such as window shrouds, chimney caps or downspouts, which in themselves create a luxurious look. To inquire about adding the distinctive appeal of copper to your home, please call as at 604-309-0574.

Metal Windows Shrouds
In addition to copper, window shrouds are made in many different types of metal with a wide selection of profiles and colours. With our own shop, we can produce exactly what you need for small dormers or a full wall of windows.

Barrel Shapes
The rounded barrel shape metal creates a unique appearance and can be used on roofs or window shrouds.

Chimney Caps
You can give your home incredible character with a custom designed chimney cap.

Soffit is what covers the underside of the part of the roof that hangs over, beyond the walls. It provides a finished look and also protects the roof beams. A range of colours, including a faux wood look, can be chosen to match or contrast the roof and exterior walls.

Railing and Post Caps
Give your home that estate-like curb appeal with custom railing and post caps.

Rubber Mat Roof Walkways
For stability underfoot and to protect the roofing material, rubber mat walkways are a great option for accessing rooftop systems.

Metal Snow Guards
Particularly in areas where freezing rain occurs, metal snow guards over doors and walking paths can protect from sudden shedding of ice or snow.

Leaf Guards
Leaf guards fitted on top of eaves troughs prevent the build-up of debris that prevent water from draining properly.

Roof Panels
Matt Gordon Roofing is proud to offer our customers custom fabricated standing seam metal panel roofing. We can manufacture metal roofing on site with our new SSR Roof Panel Machine.

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For a free design consultation, price estimate, or emergency repair, please call 604-309-0574.